This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions for the arborparents e-mail list.

Arborparents is an e-mail list for parents who live in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan. To join, send a blank message to

Please note that even if a topic is listed here, you are welcome to bring it up on the list. It's likely that someone will have new insights when the topic comes up again.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What are some cool features of this list?
To use any of these features you'll need a Yahoo ID. If you don't already have a Yahoo ID, you can go to to create it. Sign up using the same e-mail address that your list e-mail is sent to. Then you can use the following features:

What are some other groups with related topics

  • The Arbordads group is for dads who are located in or near the Ann Arbor area. (Dads are also, as always, a core part of the Arborparents list. You don't need to choose between Arbordads and Arborparents -- you are always welcome on both!)
  • There is an e-mail list called Ann Arbor Garage Sale, where you can buy or sell garage-sale type things, all year 'round.
  • There is an e-mail list called Ann Arbor eCycle where you can give away things for free, or request what you're looking for.
  • ICAN- International Cesarean Awareness Network Their goals are: preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, promoting VBAC. The Michigan group meets in the Ann Arbor area. You can check out the international organization at
  • ArborKidsAllergies is an e-mail list for Ann Arbor area parents of kids with allergies to food or other things.